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Laser engraving utilizes a laser to accurately mark or engrave details on a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our fibre lasers are capable of producing lines as thin as 0.001″ and depths up to 0.125″.

This excellent beam quality combined with robotic manipulation delivers a flexible service that can be tailored to components with nearly any surface, size, or shape. Unlike our competition, we build a cell around the components and therefore are the only engraving shop that can take on fully assembled components of any size.

Data to be engraved is typically sent as a 3D model or 2D vector file including .CAT, .IGS, .STP, .DWG, and .DXF formats. We also have full 2D and 3D CAD capabilities and are ready to take use our industry-leading expertise to complete your projects.

Engraving is a quick process with the fastest turnaround times, irrespective of material hardness, surface treatment, finish, or irregularity.  After engraving is complete, the work surface is cleaned and the depth, thickness, and overall quality of the engraved surface is inspected.

Common Applications:

Laser Engraving offers an almost unlimited array of engraving possibilities, including:

  • In-house CAD team available for custom design work
  • Plastic injection and compression tooling
  • Embossing and coining dies
  • Barcodes and data matrices
  • A wide variety of materials, including any metal part, plaques, tags, and some plastics
  • Detailed and intricate designs including company symbols, logos, scribe lines, and custom designs
  • EDM electrodes