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MIG welding can be a manual, automatic or semi-automatic additive process. A continuous spooled wire electrode, solid or cored with powdered alloys and flux is used. Digital power sources sophisticated feeders enhance quality to levels not possible in the past. Whitfield Welding Inc. has coupled this process with robots and proprietary cam software to maximize deposition rates and efficiencies. This process is used regularly for bulk buildups and large surface area coverage for hobbing repair of very large tooling.

All of the procedures follow proper metallurgical heat treatment principles, .


  • 25 metric ton crane capacity.
  • Open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and half day on Saturday – we can accommodate special requests after hours
  • 3 Full MIG welding stations
  • 3 Preheat stations capable of holding 50,000 lbs and able to control temperature required for weld procedures
  • Thermal coupled to ensures exact preheat weld temperature is maintained
  • Guaranteed quality pre-weld preparation and weld line-up on every job
  • Onsite spectrometer is capable of performing chemical analysis on base materials to provide accurate colour matching using best available filler material
  • Over 15 different filler materials on-site
  • Rockwell testing performed on work that will require heat treatment.
  • 7 ovens with a combined capacity of 160,000 lbs for stress relief and tempering – these ovens operate 24/7.


  • Highest deposition rates of all additive manufacturing processes.
  • Manual, semi automatic or fully cnc controlled deposits.
  • Many ferrous and non ferrous materials in stock in quantities expected for this volume efficient additive process.


  • Plastic injection mold engineering revisions.
  • Die casting insert holder block repair and refurbishment.
  • Subtractive Manufacuring errors and damages.
  • Aerospace component tooling, repair, refurbish and assembly.