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Laser Micro Welding is an additive process using a laser and fine filler wires, as small as .003. With the ability to weld both ferrous and non-ferrous material. This process is useful when repairing deep narrow ribs, texture repair, parting line seal off repair and any thing else requiring minimal heat input and distortion control.

Our customers rely on us for our laser welding abilities. Our operators are upper shelf in regards to experience and artistic ability. Nothing is too large or too small for this precision additive work.


    • 50 metric ton crane capacity.
    • Open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and half day on Saturday – we can accommodate special requests after working hours.
    • 8 Full Laser Welding Stations.
    • Over 30 years experience in high value tool Welding with 20+ years of expert experience in Laser Welding.
    • Experienced Mold-Finishing on site to hand work a surface after welding, if requested, and to perform parting line seal-off repair.
    • Spectrometer, capable of preforming chemical analysis on base materials to provide accurate colour matching using best available filler material.
    • Over 40 different filler materials in stock at all times.
    • 0.003 to 0.024 inch welding rod sizes.


      • Negligible Heat Affected Zone
      • No pre-heat or post-heat required in many instances. However welding is welding, heat treatment maybe required for colour matching purposes, local pre and post heat using hot plates and small oxy-fuel tips are normal tools to facilitate requirements
      • Easier and faster post processing, spotting, and handwork
      • Quick turnaround – small jobs can be finished while you wait
      • Low heat – gives minimal warp and stress

Benefits of light vs. electrical welding

    • No grounding required.
    • No electrical magnetic fields created in the weld pool theatre resulting in lower stress input.
    • Magnetic chucking.


  • Highly recommended for plastic injection mold repair..
  • Machine component and critical part repair and refurbishment.
  • Aerospace critical component manufacturing and repair.
  • intricate medical device manufacturing and repair.
  • Precious metal jewelry repair.