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Thin-Walled Tube Repair – 500 lb’s Weld!

In response to our customers’ needs, Whitfield Welding has added laser cladding to its additive services as a viable way of refurbishing large parts damaged by corrosion.  Laser cladding is a viable choice for such repairs as it minimizes heat affected zone while offering a true metallurgical bond.  This combination, along with careful speed control, reduces distortion and ensures repair integrity.

Measuring at 18 feet, this thin-walled tube required a significant amount of stainless overlay to restore a heavily corroded surface.  The primary concern during such a hefty repair over a thin wall was distortion.  Thus laser cladding was chosen over relatively faster hotwire methods.  After machining down 0.080″, over 500 lbs of material was concentrically deposited while camera-controlled systems monitored the process.

Given its size, the part required a custom-built heat treatment solution.  An in-situ custom oven was built over the part by our fabricating team.  Constructed out of separate ‘blocks’, a mobile oven was built that could be quickly disassembled and reassembled for parts of different sizes.  After machining and ultrasonic testing, a defect- and distortion-free part was restored to a satisfied customer.

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